Marcel Schatnner

I came for the international experience, and I stayed much longer than I originally thought both for the people and the attractivity of the projects

Brief introduction and background

I started my career in Modern Trade & Retailing, between my both home countries, Germany & Spain. In 2012, despite being professionally active, I decided I wanted to grow and also collect international experience from a wider range of countries. Both reasons conveyed into applying for a Part-time MBA at EADA in Barcelona; where I was able to connect with a broad spectrum of people. One of my main takeaways of that period is to realize how interesting it is how people from different industries or academic backgrounds approach the same Business Case

Career path at Globalpraxis

joined Globalpraxis as a Consultant in 2014, after a crew from the company came to introduce themselves to my business school. At that time I did not exactly understand what the consulting business was about, but due to odd coincidences of life, one of my wife's best friends had also been a consultant with them in the recent past. While sharing directly experiences with her, she highlighted the great environment & people I would find (on top of everything I would learn) in my new adventure. This final input fully convinced me that this was a right move in my career. Like I mentioned before, originally I was planning to do a 2 year stage, but the attractivity of the project, the learning curve and the growth opportunities I was blessed with, made me surprisingly promote to Senior Consultant in 2017, and end of the same year, I was already managing small projects until I was promoted officially to Project Manager in 2018 It has become very useful to apply the consulting way of thinking and structured approach to solve problems and analyze data, obtain insights, present them correctly and explain valuable conclusions convincing the client of your findings with fact-based conclusions

Key projects / experiences that stood out at Globalpraxis

Every project I had the opportunity had its particularity that made it special; either a interesting country to work at, or a very particular issue to tackle, or a new industry type to work on. If I had to choose the ones that were particularly interesting to me, I would probably go back to my first middle-east experience with Saudi Arabia in 2015, were we had to review the RGM of our client, while assessing the future commercial relationship that the client would have with the local distributor in KSA There was another interesting shopper behavior project for the E-commerce environment for the capsuled coffe market in Spain that we developed in 2016, were we analyzed the price elasticies of the different Ecom delivery services to identify the service combinations that determined the optimum profitability between trigerring volume through a pure free delviery strategy or maximing value applying segmented delivery service upcharges In 2017, I was enroled for one of my biggest projects in Iran. A full RTM transformation of a local soft drinks bottler: From a new RTM design, to its implementation. Here I learnerd to play in a difficult environment, were macroeconomic situation was changing rapidly the market and information gaps difficulted the accuracy of the decisions to be taken One of my latest challenges was related with another bottler in Cyprus, assesting a turnaround plan with very complex operations due to the porftfolio sold by our client; including chilled and ambient products, with very different expiry dates to manage (from 5 days to 1 year)

Career path post-Globalpraxis and how it was shaped by time spent at Globalpraxis

In 2019, due to personal reasons, I decided to join Danone, a leading player in the water, dairy and early nutrition markets, as PRGM Director for the Water division in France, one of their biggest and home market of the company. What learned to far at Globalpraxis was key to be selected for the role, thanks to the capacity to provide advanced analytics capacities, the ability to interact at cross-functional level (I am currently an active link between Sales, Finance and Marketing), as well as the capacity we adcquire in consulting to challenge the status quo and aply changes in the organizations we work (both in proceses and culture) When I catch up with my friends and former colleagues, I still envy the experiences they share from having worked at countries I could not have the opportunity to work at.