Orlando González

Senior Consultant

"At Globalpraxis, we have the opportunity to be part of strategic transformations that define the future of leading corporations."


I am an Industrial Engineer from Venezuela with an MBA from EADA Business School. Before my Master’s, I worked in consumer goods companies, gaining most of my experience in the spirits industry.

Career path at Globalpraxis

Globalpraxis is a prestigious company where the growth slope is very pronounced; we are challenged to improve constantly. No matter the background of every consultant, we work over all business areas. This way we develop both academic and personal skills that strengthen our holistic vision. Our main task is to provide solutions to complex business situations.

Key projects, experiences, challenges, and learnings at the firm

During my career, in some of my responsibilities I experienced that bureaucracy in corporations limited my thinking to operative tasks. At Globalpraxis it is different: you have to reinvent yourself and you are pushed to think outside the box every day. This way we analyze business problems and identify improvement opportunities. This might lead us to break paradigms in corporate cultures.

I will always remember my first project in Italy. Our objective was to improve the profitability of a leading company in a market with drastic raw material cost increases. Italy is the market with the most discounts in Europe and we worked in the category offering the most deals in the whole country. Changing our clients' approach in order to diminish promotional volumes was a huge challenge; they had worked this way for years. With time, we were able to convince them and demonstrate that promotions boosted volume but were harmful for profitability.

This is what our work is about: uncovering creativity within a logical framework to boost growth. If different results have to be obtained, things have to be done differently.

Why is Globalpraxis a great place to work?

Personally, a great place to work is a company where I am professionally challenged on a daily basis and where my ideas and opinions have high impact. At Globalpraxis, we have the opportunity to be part of strategic transformations that define the future of leading corporations. This can happen in extremly diverse contexts, from the most underdeveloped markets such as Africa or Asia to the most developed ones such as Europe or North America. The challenges posed by such contrast could not be more attractive and exciting to me. I am among those who think that international experiences open your mind and boundaries for the rest of your life. 

Another reason that Globalpraxis is a great place is the people. There is an incredible diversity of backgrounds and outstanding career paths. You are surrounded by capable people that can simply make you better every day.

If you are looking for a workplace where your life can turn 360 degrees every four months, and if professional challenges are your passion, your place is Globalpraxis.