Rodrigo Cogo

Senior Consultant

"In Globalpraxis, no matter how challenging each project is, I always end up with the feeling that we did the best we could, because we are all part of a collaborative, committed, and talented team.”


I am a Brazilian business enthusiast who speaks Portuguese, English, and Spanish. I have a BBA from the University of Sao Paulo and an MBA from IESE Business School. My work experience prior to Globalpraxis was mostly in the consumer goods sector, first working for a global market research company and then for a multinational in the beer industry.

Career path at Globalpraxis

A great thing about working for a boutique-consulting firm is that you get to know everybody and everybody gets to know you. If you are committed to every project, the results will come and so will the recognition for your effort. The pace at which you learn and progress in your career at Globalpraxis is something I had never experienced before.

Key projects, experiences, challenges, and learnings at the firm

Projects at Globalpraxis can be very demanding. Our clients do not expect just a delivery: They want a smart and highly committed team working on some of the most challenging problems they are facing. The need for intense performance means you will be forced to learn a lot and at a very fast pace.

In my first project at Globalpraxis, I had to reshape the sales team structure of a FMCG client in the United States, as part of a strategic redesign of the client’s route-to-market model. I had to understand the different sales roles and spend many days with the sales teams visiting customers in remote parts of the country, in order to understand which processes had gaps for improvement. I also conducted many interviews with different functions at HQ level, to assess the level and structure of the incentive scheme as well as analyze the recruiting and talent development challenges that the company was facing.

In another project, our team had to support a client in implementing a new route-to-market model in Italy. I had the challenge of ensuring a smooth transition in a pilot area. First, I had to develop the monitoring system to track the progress of the pilot, after which we could identify operational gaps and build different initiatives to overcome those gaps. With the learnings gathered from the pilot, we finally built a “step-by-step” guide to help the client further roll out the strategy. For this project, I had to sharpen a complex set of skills, ranging from the most analytical work of building a detailed P&L model to the very emotional challenge of breaking the internal resistance to change.

Why is Globalpraxis a great place to work?

Since I was a kid, I have always sought challenges that seemed impossible at first sight. Challenges that would make me stop everything and take the time to think. At Globalpraxis we are faced with these types of challenges on a constant basis. Every new project is a new challenge and the challenges are all different in nature: from analytical, for which you need to crack numbers and find an optimal sizing for the sales team; to cultural, for which you have to communicate a strong recommendation for a hypersensitive topic to a team in a country you had never been to; or finally, even physical, where you have to put yourself in the shoes of a sales representative and spend the full day visiting convenience stores and entering cold vaults. Every client has a completely different organization and starting a new project is like going to a new school on the first day: mixed feelings of unfamiliarity and curiosity. The amazing people you meet along the journey are a great part of what makes it all worth it. Delivering a successful project is not easy, but the sense of hard work and achievement at the end of each project is gratifying.