Restructuring sales model


Sales increase of 20% and gross margin improvement of 40% due to change of product mix.


The company was the clear leader in the main
beverage category but was losing market share to the main competitor in other
categories. Furthermore, the company was not successful in developing premium
product sales, although positive economic evolution showed potential for them.


We performed in-depth market studies which
included the analysis of outlets, wholesalers, and sales force performance in
terms of effectiveness and efficiency. An outside-in approach laid the basis
for understanding issues and identifying improvement opportunities. Flanked by
and linked to existing market research and product profitability analysis,
improvement opportunities could be clearly valued and prioritized.


Outlets were segmented according to their
potential, and service level was increased for the most attractive segments.
Sales force organization was redesigned and specific support tools were
developed (sales pitch, key performance indicators, compensation system…). This
was achieved at no additional cost due to efficiency gains. This new sales
model was tested and adjusted in a pilot test, which was led and monitored by a
client-Globalpraxis joint team.