Sales force strategy for a pharma company


Revenue growth of 25% via pharmacy coverage
increase of 35pp. No change in sales force cost: personal visits were relocated
from health care practitioners (HCPs) to pharmacies.



The pharmacy channel was 100% fragmented and
served by multiple pharma wholesalers. Pharmacies were evolving towards opening
personal care sections to maintain profitability. Consequently, pharma
wholesalers were shifting focus from traditional pharmaceutical & over-the-counter (OTC) products to personal care and complementary products. Our client commercialized
a broad portfolio of OTC and mass-market products, focusing the commercial
strategy on HCPs and key pharmacies. It was demonstrated that coverage of HCPs
did not seem to generate a direct impact on sales. At the same time, the client
did not cover pharmacies at a level comparable to that of the competition.


In-depth market and internal company analysis
covered all relevant areas. From the market perspective, interviews of
pharmacies, HCPs, pharma wholesalers, and competitors allowed identification of
market opportunities. From the company perspective, sales force performance was
evaluated in terms of effectiveness and efficiency during route-ridings and
internal data analysis.


Target pharmacies were identified, must-stock
SKUs were selected for them, and sales force coverage was adjusted to ensure
optimal reach and market control. In parallel, frequency of visits to HCPs was
reduced. Consequently, sales force key performance indicators were developed in line with key
objectives on priority products.