Up to 30% revenue growth and up to 20% cost reduction


We consistently generate superior returns on all our work.

Sustainable profitable growth

We identify the transformation required in your business for the market opportunity to show up in both your top-line and EBITDA.

Pragmatic and executable recommendations

We are committed to supporting the implementation of our recommendations in every project we undertake.

Over 500 projects in FT 500 companies since 2000

Consulting boutique

We deliver breakthrough solutions in both offline/traditional and online/digital environments. Our clients remain loyal and we are very proud of our long-standing relationships with them.

Our expertise can be applied beyond FMCG

While Globalpraxis’ experience is strongly rooted in fast-moving consumer goods, our expertise can be applied to many other sectors. Our approach has provided true value for clients in retail, telecom, energy, pharma, and services.

Over 100K outlet/distributor interviews in over 70 emerging and developed COUNTRIES

A unique outside-in approach

We provide the most insightful 360-degree assessment
by listening to all the stakeholders along the value chain.

We conduct primary market audits on every project in order to:

Be fact-based

Gather first-hand qualitative and quantitative data to validate the specific set of hypotheses that has been developed.

Be specific

Go beyond standard reports by responding to the specific priorities outlined in the scope of a given assignment.

Model an optimal decision platform

Combine the collected primary market information with our own and the client’s database, and other external data sources.


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