The Globalpraxis DNA

The founding partners of Globalpraxis first collaborated together as part of The MAC Group until 1993. In 1994, several partners decided to create a new consulting firm, which became Globalpraxis in 2000. Since then, the company has successfully operated in all continents, delivering close to 500 key projects mainly for FT 500 companies.

Strong roots

Globalpraxis’ origins go back to The MAC Group (the consulting arm of Harvard Business School professors).


Our model is based on the interaction of professors, consultants, and senior operators.

Truly international

A group of multi-cultural professionals representing over 20 nationalities work together under the same roof.


Our recommendations are delivered with the buy-in of the people who will implement them.


Everyone at Globalpraxis is highly specialized in route-to-market, revenue growth management, and commercialization.

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