The Globalpraxis experience

An experience that will set you apart from your peers.

See the world / Act globally

At Globalpraxis you will gain truly global experience with the chance to work on challenging projects all across the world. You will gain first-hand understanding of different countries and cultures across developed and emerging markets. We at Globalpraxis travel to all markets around the globe.

Become an expert

Our boutique style of working will enable you to develop expertise in route-to-market and revenue growth management in dynamic industries such as fast-moving consumer goods, retail, pharma, services… Our lean organization ensures that you will be given the opportunity to take on responsibility from day one in the company.

Solve the most complex business problems

Help the senior management of some of the largest companies in the world solve their most pressing challenges.

Become a member of a network of extraordinary individuals for life

You will be part of an intellectually stimulating and friendly environment where relationships are cemented beyond the workplace. You will work with talented individuals from across the globe on a daily basis.

Experience the reward of obtaining outstanding results with our clients

Our clients' success is a measure of our success.

Career Path

Your progress and professional growth is very important to us. We invest time and effort into developing your strengths and helping you evolve in specific areas. Depending on your training and prior experience you can opt for one category or another:


Associate level. We detect your potential, train you according to our methodology, and accompany you along your path to greater responsibility. Our company is prepared to offer you a sabbatical in case you would like to complement your training with an MBA.

MBA graduate:

Consultant level. Your professional growth will be exponential and you can quickly become a key asset to our consulting team.

Ongoing MBA:

Internship position. The best recruiting process anyone can hope for. We offer the opportunity to participate in our intern program for 10-12 weeks, where you'll have the chance to get to know the essence of the company, and we'll have the opportunity to get to know you and your potential.

Professional development

At Globalpraxis, your professional development is a priority, which is why we have developed several training programs that help you obtain the required skills to grow within the organization.

Basic Training Tools:

The aim of this training is to provide you with the necessary set of technical and presentation skills required of a consultant, as well as a common understanding of the terminology and style used at Globalpraxis.

Communication Masterclass:

The purpose of this master class is to coach you through the communication process while helping you to develop both written and oral communication skills.

Tailor-made training for New Acting Managers:

We understand that moving from a consultant position to a managerial role is one of the most challenging transitions in your career path, and this is why we have developed a set of training actions to prepare you both technically and personally for this new role.

Mentoring program:

When joining Globalpraxis you will be assigned a mentor who will be at least two positions above yours. You will both create your own Individual Development Plan. The purpose of this program is to support you through your career by providing both professional and personal support.

Employee Wellbeing Program:

Beyond the amazing quality of life that Barcelona can offer, we are currently developing a resource center to encourage staff to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Recruiting process

Our process aims to get to know you better and to see how well you would fit into the organization, as well as for you to meet our people and understand our culture. The process will include the following stages:


  • HR shortlists CV
  • 1st phone interview (HR)
  • 1st technical interview with Consultant
  • 2nd technical interview with Consultant
  • 3rd technical interview with Senior Consultant / Project Manager
  • 4th technical interview with Project Manager / Senior Project Manager / Director
  • Competency interview with HR
  • Recruitment panel

First phone interview (HR)

During the 1st HR phone interview and the competency-based interview, we will have a discussion in order to get to know you better and understand your motivations for joining Globalpraxis, as well as to assess your fit with the culture and the team. You will also be able to ask questions to get to know us better. We expect you to be yourself and to feel free to share your thoughts about joining the organization.

Technical interviews

The technical interviews will consist of both case-based interviews as well as brainteasers. They will allow us to understand how you approach problems. During these interviews we will replicate real project situations for you to solve and they will allow you to understand the nature of the work we do. The main areas evaluated will be analytical skills and logical thinking, as well as your communication style.


Our ideal candidate will be someone who is looking for intellectual challenges and who is not afraid of getting out of their comfort zone. Ideally you already have experience working in different parts of the world (speaking three business languages) or are looking to continue gaining international exposure. Finally, you are curious about living and working with people from different cultures and you prefer working in a multicultural environment (definition of “trooper”).

Some of the competencies we look for are:

  • Teamwork:
    You look to work cooperatively and productively with others to achieve results.
  • Adaptability:
    You are able to adapt quickly to changing environments and easily consider new approaches.
  • Curiosity, creativity, and innovation:
    At Globalpraxis you will be encouraged to develop new insights into situations and apply different and novel solutions to make improvements.
  • Client centricity:
    You will demonstrate a commitment to serve and the ability to satisfy internal and external clients.

Interview preparation

The following are some of the case types you may encounter during the case interview:

  • Brainteasers and guesstimates
  • Market sizing and estimation
  • Sales & distribution strategy
  • P&L analysis
  • Mergers and acquisitions 
  • Market entry / new product 
  • Industry analysis and competitive dynamics

Case 1


Our client, a manufacturer of natural waters, has three plants in different locations around the country where they perform filling and bottling. Their distribution network consists of about 100 distributors who serve retailers. To optimize operations, our client uses five rented distribution centers (DCs) located in five major cities, which are supplied directly from our client’s plants, and provide only logistics support (stocking of products, loading/unloading, some pre-sale preparation: wrapping, re-palletizing). Our client supplies 100 distributors from those DCs. Recently, the Finance Director of the client has raised concerns that those DCs seem to be very costly for the company.


What options for distribution network adjustments can our client have if management decides to eliminate DCs? 

What factors should they consider before deciding whether to eliminate DCs?

Case 2


Our client is a medical company that manufactures equipment (small- and mid-size biochemical analyzers) for small- and mid-size laboratories and consumables for equipment (reagents) in Western Europe. They sell both product categories either directly to hospitals and private laboratories, or via distributors. Recently the company experienced a loss of market share and profits in Western Europe:

  • These markets became very saturated with many new manufacturers entering.
  • Consolidation led to bigger labs increasing their requirements for large equipment that the manufacturer does not produce.
  • Because of these two tendencies, prices for both equipment (analyzers) and consumables (reagents) are under increasing pressure. The manufacturer is losing market share, profits, and sales.

The client’s management considers entering developing markets (Eastern Europe, China, Central Asia). However, they are already late entrants and the management is afraid of losing even more.


Should they enter into new markets? How?
What should be their focus?
What other options may they consider? (give as many as you can)

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