Edgar Guixà

"At Globalpraxis, I was constantly exposed to talent which boosted my professional career.”

Brief introduction and background

After graduating in law and business, I began my professional career at a local corporate finance consultancy firm where I had the opportunity to gain deeper understanding of business financials, investment rationale, and fit with corporate strategy. Looking for a constant challenge, exponential personal and professional development, and a steep learning curve, I chose to follow a career in strategy consulting.

Career path at Globalpraxis

Globalpraxis was the perfect fit for me. My experience there rapidly boosted my career and gave me a vast knowledge of different sectors, organizations, and business operations all around the globe.

In 2016, I joined Globalpraxis as an analyst. After a couple of projects, I was promoted to consultant, and soon after to senior consultant. During that time, I was able to further develop my problem-solving and analytical skills to reach key conclusions and propose specific solutions.

Thanks to constant exposure to multiple realities, especially within the fast-moving consumer goods industry, I started managing small projects and taking on some project manager responsibilities, which allowed me to become a project manager by mid-2018. It was in that role that I learned to lead teams of highly talented colleagues while delivering added value solutions to our clients.

Key projects / experiences that stood out at Globalpraxis

During my 4 years in Globalpraxis, I engaged in more than 12 projects in Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East, all of them highly demanding but equally rewarding on both a personal and professional level. The biggest take-aways being:

  • A highly multicultural and diverse team that rapidly became my family, always with a collaborative spirit and responsible for my fast growth within the company.
  • And a constant and global exposure to talent and different realities, both in our team (partners, directors, managers, and consultants), and on the client’s end (key interlocutors such as CEOs, directors, and managers).

Career path post-Globalpraxis and how it has been shaped by time spent at Globalpraxis

After 7 years in consulting, I decided to move forward and join Cementos Molins’ M&A and Business Development Department, where I lead the organizational transformation by encouraging sustainable growth while tackling the industry’s main challenges.

Without a doubt, my experience at Globalpraxis has been key for my professional success. It prepared me to adapt easily to different situations, encouraging change and diversity, to quickly identify key levers and opportunities for growth, and to influence different stakeholders in order to achieve common goals.