Ronan Moaligou

“The experience I gained at Globalpraxis is very strong... I still use a lot of examples applied during my projects.”

Brief introduction and background

I started my career as an engineer in Argentina and France. After obtaining my MBA in 2001, I began my career in management consulting at Globalpraxis in Barcelona.

Career path at Globalpraxis

At Globalpraxis, I started as a consultant and was rapidly promoted to manager. In 2010 I became senior manager and leader of the telecom practice. I worked on many projects with leading firms, mostly in telecom and fast-moving consumer goods in Europe, Africa, and India.

Key projects / experiences that stood out at Globalpraxis

I think that in my eight years working for Globalpraxis, I was engaged in more than 40 projects and visited more than 30 countries. But one of the most impactful projects, of which I am very proud, received an Innovation Award in 2008 from Global Telecom Business, for the rural acquisition model developed for a leading telecom operator in Nigeria.

Career path post-Globalpraxis and how it was shaped by time spent at Globalpraxis

In 2012, I decided to move from consulting to join the group Multiasistencia as group director of Strategic Projects. In 2015, I became deputy general manager of Multiassistance France. The experience I gained at Globalpraxis is very strong and even if Multiassistance is in the insurance sector, I still use a lot of examples applied during my projects to develop the business of the company. Channel management, revenue growth, and customer centricity are concepts that I mastered from my time at Globalpraxis. Sometimes I miss the friendship and working atmosphere that we used to have while assigned to projects.