Assessing your route-to-market is a must

Jean-Paul Evrard

Improving or transforming the route-to-market is the main challenge that Globalpraxis has been asked to face in the past 2 decades. It is a very specific, precise, and analytical process that requires both a clear quantitative perspective and a specific understanding of the “field” and its complexities.

Now, specifically in light of all the major changes happening in the markets, it is time to reassess your route-to-market model.

There are many commonalities and, regardless of the sectors or segments we look at, the key questions are nearly always the same. The solutions, however, are different by sector, segment, companies… The results of transforming or adapting the RTM are, most of the time, spectacular.

Today more than ever, we believe that assessing your RTM is a must. Here are the key questions we can help you answer.