Implementing a plastic recycling circuit for a global beverage manufacturer: A case study

Siddharth Ghosh
Alejo Fernández-Cardellach

Client: A global beverage manufacturer with large operations in the Middle East & Africa

Business challenges: Institutional problem with plastic recycling, impacting ESG targets for both private and public businesses in the region:

  • Middle East & Africa (MEA) region among highest producer per capita of plastic waste
  • Absence of structured recycling system in MEA countries
  • Plastic collection process mostly informal (black market)
  • Inefficient waste management (difficulties in collection, transport, & treatment)
  • Weak regulation related to plastic / PET recycling

Solution: Globalpraxis, with its worldwide expertise in sustainable RTM and experience in building circular economies, designed a custom PET recycling circuit, tailored to MEA markets:

  • Designed a holistic 3-step recycling model: Collection (at outlet or collection points), transportation (logistics collaboration), and processing (treatment & recycling in special plants)
  • Devised a system to make the recycling model self-financing and economically viable
  • Collaborated with key stakeholder-communities, NGOs, government retailers, and other beverage manufacturers (competitors)