John A. Quelch on his appointment as chairman of Globalpraxis:

The partnership of Globalpraxis is delighted and honored to announce the appointment of Dr. John A. Quelch as chairman of the company, with effect immediately.

John will succeed Dr. Peter Lorange who has led the company for more than 15 years, obtaining impressive results in terms of growth and customer satisfaction. Dr. Lorange has been an outstanding leader and will continue to advise the board.

John’s first address to the Globalpraxis team centered on three key areas to help our clients achieve better results:

  • Succeeding in an economic downturn. He believes that Globalpraxis is perfectly positioned to help companies in these very difficult economic situations. Globalpraxis’ core competency of delivering route-to-market efficiencies is critical in this environment. Equally important is innovating in revenue growth management and ensuring that inflation does not destabilize value chains.
  • Digital transformation of channels. He advises Globalpraxis to focus on helping its customers to accelerate the digital transformation of their channels, especially in the face of fragmented distribution systems, where data and systems are often difficult to access.
  • Growing revenue and margins responsibly, minimizing packaging waste and carbon footprints to improve sustainability, as key components of recommended strategies.

John is an expert in global strategy, global marketing, and global branding, consumer and customer behavior, and ESG issues.

He has been the dean of London Business School, China Europe International Business School, and Miami Herbert Business School. He has also served as senior associate dean at Harvard Business School where he is currently the Charles Edward Wilson Professor of Business Administration Emeritus.