The future-ready leader

Peter Lorange

Peter Lorange and Karin Mugnaini have combined their world knowledge, specialized background, and expertise, as well as several contributions from international business experts and professionals, to create a most insightful guide for the business leaders of today.

The future-ready leader, published by Springer Nature Group, aims to help leaders embrace, adjust, and thrive in the future. Business practitioners and educational institutions must work together, pooling their resources in the best way possible, to adapt and align more efficiently with continuous change.

This book touches on numerous topics, such as political and world affairs, maximizing wealth through investment, leadership, the family business, and self, to be considered when adapting your business strategy to succeed in the current context of polycrisis.


Lorange, P., and Mugnaini, K. (2023). The future-ready leader: Accelerated learning for business success. Springer.

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