Wake up, your competitors are looking to access your customers directly

Philippe Marmara
Georg Krentzel

In the new reality Route-to-market is now a core marketing function.

To fulfill the “arms reach of desire” promise, last mile delivery will not be enough. Companies will need to start thinking last yard.

The concept of availability is a moving target. The meaning of it has been dramatically changed by the Covid crisis. This change is probably going to last and will have a profound impact on how we deliver products and services in the future. Starting now.

Receiving the goods where they deliver value to the consumer is a service customers already receive from many industries.

  • Banks and insurances are already in your phone.
  • Appliances are delivered and installed at your home.
  • Car ownership has been replaced by full service long rental solutions delivered at your doorstep.

The consumer goods industry is late on the ball. Still, last yard is arriving:

  • Amazon and Walmart will bring your product to the fridge.
  • Food delivery is catching up very fast: McDonalds, Uber Eats, Deliveroo.
  • Starbucks will deliver your coffee warm at home.

Who will occupy and lead this new service space? Which are the implications or collaborative RTMs to ensure service effectiveness and cost efficiency?

We are today at the forefront developing solutions with our customers.