Building sustainable competitive advantage for a market leader

  • South America
  • Route-to-market


Volume increase by 10% and EBIT improvement of 15%.


A brewery with a dominant position in the market experienced poor growth in terms of turnover and profits. The client concentrated most sales on a single SKU with the objective of increasing production and logistics efficiencies. In order to grow the market and improve profitability, the client designed a segmented marketing strategy, leveraging a broader and more premium portfolio, and realized that the existing route-to-market did not permit implementation of the new strategy.


We performed an outside-in analysis including both market analysis (outlet and wholesaler interviews) and company analysis (route-ridings with sales organization, delivery trucks, profitability...).

This allowed quantifying the market potential with the new marketing strategy and identifying the limitations of the current route-to-market model for the future strategy.


A new commercial route-to-market model was built, addressing the new market challenges: capacity for acquiring new outlets, ability to develop sell-out, efficiency in the sell-in, and effectiveness in managing third parties. Key elements of this model were developed: positions, functions, sizing, tools, compensation systems, and key performance indicators.