Capturing market opportunities using shopper and channel insights

  • Europe and Latam
  • |
  • 10 countries
  • Direct-to-consumer


Potential to double revenues, linked to multiple growth initiatives, by influencing the shopper path-to-purchase.


Our client is a producer of VMS (vitamins, minerals and supplements). Sizable opportunities existed in all the analyzed countries. The client was already present in these markets, although with a very low market share.

Our client wanted us to evaluate the attractiveness of the opportunities in ten European and Latam markets and to identify the following:

  • What are the priority markets to invest in?
  • How big is the opportunity?
  • What are the key levers to capture the opportunity?
  • How should we ensure alignment with the distributors?


We used several techniques to evaluate the attractiveness of the markets, including:

  • Market visits and interviews with top retail chains to assess the level of execution and competitive landscape
  • Route-ridings with the distributor sales force to understand their effectiveness and efficiency
  • Distributor interviews to assess capabilities and areas of improvement
  • Online shopper surveys to identify the main points of influence along the path-to-purchase and the importance of each shopper occasion
  • Online social research to evaluate the relevance of digitalization along the entire path-to-purchase


The detailed online shopper study helped establish incidence levels of the category, brand awareness, regional and socio-economic trends, and relevant channels of consumption. It also provided critical insight into all the main touchpoints in the path-to-purchase, thereby giving an actionable understanding of shopper needs and behavior. Influencing the shopper in the research phase, through both digital and traditional means of communication, along with activation and advocacy at the outlet, proved to be critical to influencing the final purchase decision. We were able to narrow down the most effective communication methods, together with the most effective activation materials and promotions. Furthermore, we were able to identify the relevance of each shopper occasion per country and the main commercial activities required, by both the company and their distributors, for capturing the opportunities associated with each occasion. Finally, in addition to quantifying the size of the opportunity and the main levers for capturing it, we were able to provide the client with a holistic understanding of the situation in each country and which priority market they should invest in.